Amate 38 is enclaved in the beautiful 38th Street and close to the beach.

It is a restaurant bar with an architectural concept based on regional materials with respect to our na-ture and in harmony with it, surrounded by local vegetation and trees.

We created a new concept, unique and fresh with regional food from the Yucatan peninsula amongst cenotes and water which makes it unparalleled.

Amate 38 is a concept with a high quality in all the food and beverage items served. Everything is fresh, everything natural, everything homemade.

We use regional products and ancient cooking methods like charcoal and wood oven.

All the juices are fresh as well as all our cocktails. The bar includes handcrafted beers and mezcales as well as a wide selection of Mexican wines. We also offer an international bar with premium brands.

We believe in good regional food and offer a quality product at a reasonable price.